Class actions succeed where individuals, with a  common grievance come together in the pursuit of justice, determined to hold powerful adversaries to account.

Class actions are often a "David & Goliath" battle between a an entity with substantial resources and individuals with few. 

The class action regime enhances access to justice by providing a mechanism for a group of at least 7 individuals to combine their claims, making the amount in question substantial enough to litigate. 

success requires courage and determination.

Standing up for what is right requires courage and determination.  The good news is that standing up for what's right can be as simple as signing a funding agreement.

  • A signed funding agreement demonstrates your commitment to the class action and the claims contained therein.

  • Group participation must be sufficient to make the action financially viable, especially where it is funded by a third-party litigation funder.

There really is strength in numbers.

The larger and more committed the group of participants increases pressure on the Defendant and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.


We facilitate constructive communication between lawyers and the general public.

Legalese is difficult to understand. Lawyers are not always great at making the law accessible to the public. 

Many law firms recognise this and use Class PR to make sure that important messages reach their target audiences.  

This affords the public the opportunity to make an informed choice about any class action of relevance to them.

In a nutshell, Class PR aspires to generate public awareness of individual's legal rights; obligations; and knows how best to exercise them. 

Class Pr.

Current actions

To find out more about the class actions Class PR is working on, please see below.

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