Corporate messaging turns warm and fuzzy...

Updated: May 21, 2020

COVID-19 represents a humanitarian challenge that is unprecedented. The challenges that come with social distancing and isolation has seen corporate messaging transformed into variations of the community-focused affirmation – “we’re here for you”.

It’s essential that large corporations appear to be ‘doing their part’ rather than ‘cashing in’ on the pandemic. Whatever their motive, we’ve selected a few of our favourite initiatives.

In the media landscape UK weekly fashion magazine Grazia featured frontline National Health Service (NHS) staff on four special edition covers, as a dedication to those responding to coronavirus. Vogue Italia put a blank white page on its cover, the choice of white was symbolic to a brighter future as well as “white is the colour of the uniforms worn by those who put their own lives on the line to save ours”.

This is one of my personal favourites:

- IKEA Israel have published their most concise flat-pack instructions ever. All you need is a key, a lock and 100 rolls of toilet paper to follow the instructions.


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