Updated: May 29, 2020

The need to ‘go digital’ has never been more pronounced – those who embrace digital advertising and marketing are the businesses most likely to come out the other side of COVID-19 on top.

As paper telephone directories become relics of the past, small businesses look to online directories for lead generation.

Industry Snapshot: Ibis World Report “Magazine and Directory Publishing Report”, 2019

  • Industry revenue is expected to decline at an annualised 9.4% over the five years through 2019-2024 to $1.0 billion with paper directories being replaced with online directories.

  • The “industry’s weak performance has been most evident in the sharp drop in revenue from the Yellow pages over the past five years”.

The move from a monolithic paper book to a dynamic digital directory has produced a fast-paced sales environment in which the big digital players vie for advertisers. Old-school players in the advertising space need to the effectiveness of their offering, if they're to compete with the effectiveness of social media marketing, SEO and GoogleAds.

With competition becoming increasingly fierce, the ACCC Inquiry is directed towards ensuring effectiveness and transparency in digital advertising and to ensure that digital transformation and competition do not come at the customers’ expense.

  • The inquiry will consider the nature, characteristics and quality of services, the pricing and terms and conditions, as well as the relationships between advertisers, customers and consumers in the markets for services.

  • They will also take into account the extent to which existing corporate structures or contractual arrangements, have a negative effect on competition in the market or informed decision-making by market participants.

  • The ACCC Chairman said in an Australian Financial Review report, "We just need to understand what is going on in this market," and "whether this market is working in the interests of publishers and advertisers." Full article link HERE.

Class PR is aware of the rise in consumer dissatisfaction as a result of the following practices:

  • Pushy and rushed sales tactics (for example voice recorded contracts)

  • Retainer/monthly rolling contracts

  • Tracked numbers reassigned to competitors after contract’s conclusion

  • Talk time/call duration

  • Poor call-to-lead conversion

  • Hefty cancellation/termination fees; legal action; attempts to make customers sign deeds of release

If any of the above sounds familiar, please contact CLASS PR. to see how we can help you get out of your contract.

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