Stewart Levitt, Senior Partner, on the Priceline Class Action.

In the clip, Stewart Levitt expounds upon the following:

1. The action's legal claims;

2. Heads of damages (compensation);

3. The action's overarching aim: to add value to the franchisees' investment by creating a fairer, legally compliant franchise model.

Levitt Robinson has a track record of taking on some of the hardest cases against powerful defendants. The firm has run seven (7) class actions from start to finish. All seven have been successful, with five substantial settlements and two succeeding in Court, after trial.

1. The class actions' aim – to add value to the Priceline Brand by producing a fairer,compliant franchise model.

2. An overview of the State Legislation that forms the basis for the legal claims.

These include the following requirements: to Stock the Merchandise Range determined by Priceline; Place orders through the Auto-Replenishment system; Only order through API; Comply with Priceline’s Visual Merchandising systems to ensure compliance with the Brand Alignment Reward Scheme; and Price items as determined by Priceline.

3. Detail on the heads of damages (compensation), if the action is successful.

4. The circumstances in which your identity will be disclosed to Priceline.

- Only at a very advanced stage of proceedings and only by name if/when explicitly required by the court.

5. The action is a fully funded, ‘opt-in’ class action.

- You must sign a funding agreement to participate in the action; and to receive a share of any compensation/damages awarded.

- You will NOT be required to outlay any of your own funds towards the legal fees and other expenses of the Class Action, even if the action is unsuccessful.

6. The protection offered by the National Franchising Code of Conduct’s implies that parties under a franchise agreement must act in good faith towards one another. This obligation extends to all aspects of your franchising relationship with Priceline.

7. Levitt Robinson undertakes to provide you with legal advice, at no 'out of pocket' expense to you on all matters related to the class action.

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