Straight from the pharmacists' mouth

Updated: May 21, 2020

Soon to be Lead Applicant in the Priceline Class Action, Chris Lemon, provides practical examples of Priceline's control over its franchisees, touching on the following issues:

1. Impact of the SAP implementation in 2015.

2. High cost of goods (compared to his Independent pharmacy)

3. Issues related to stock allocation (too much of the slow-sellers, not enough of the fast); seasonal discounts, promotional allocations, inconsistency in application of discounts/promotions

4. Lack of transparency with respect to net instore pricing.

5. Lack of transparency with respect to use of withheld rebates.

Another message, from the Senior Partner at Levitt Robinson Solicitors, Stewart Levitt, will follow early next week. Levitt will focus on the legal claims and explain what participation really means for both current and former Priceline franchisees.


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