Don't put Priceline's interests before your own. 

Jenny Lemon, pharmacist of almost 50 years, explains how she, "a private non-litigious person", is "truly shocked" to be in this position. Further, Jenny points to the deficiencies of Priceline's model and her repeated attempts to resolve the matters rather than litigate, to no avail. 

Stewart Levitt, Senior Partner at Levitt Robinson speaks to the following points:

1. An improvement in relationship between Franchisee and Franchisor is an attempt to induce franchisees not to join the proceedings and/or an attempt to identify those with grievances that are likely to join. 


2. Loyalty to Priceline is notionally rewarded but comes at the franchisees' expense. 


3. Disloyalty in the form of deviation from any aspect of the model (visual merchandising, Auto-replenishment) results in franchisees being put to the back of the line for stock allocation.

4. In many instances Priceline prioritises non-Priceline franchisees ahead of those who have opted out of Auto-Replenishment.   



For more information on how to join the Priceline class action

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